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Lexington, Oregon

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Welcome to Lexington Pump LLC

Lexington Pump, serving the Columbia Basin from Umatilla County to Sherman County and in between.


Who we are:


  • Full Service pump installation and repair from well to pressure tank for both agriculture and domestic applications.


  • A local dealer and installer of the best solar pump package in the market today.


  • Installation of pipe lines, cisterns and complete water systems for most applications.


  • Full line of excavation equipment for your excavation needs.


  • We do well rehabilitation for increased water supply and bacterial growth problems.











67566 Juniper Canyon Road
P.O. Box 626
Lexington, Oregon 97839
Phone: 541-989-8448
Fax: 541-989-8567
Cell-Sam: 541-561-8881
Cell-John: 541-561-3519
CCB# 199519